Weight Loss Book for Men

How to Fix Yourself For Good – Lose the Weight for Men

Weight Loss Book for MenMen overeat and gain weight for different reasons than women do. They also want to have sculpted muscular bodies. If you have struggled with your weight, you have probably convinced yourself that you will never be thinner, more fit or stronger. Now is the time to convince yourself! What you tell yourself is key to your success. Using the proven scripts and techniques this book provides, you will be able to record a customized message and hypnotize yourself in the privacy of your own home, for a fraction of the cost of a private hypnosis session. You will be telling your subconscious that you can and will reduce your weight. This book also includes helpful suggestions for learning how to change your eating habits and addresses some of the reasons (other than hunger) that men overeat or make bad food choices. For example: Did you know that your body is a lot like a car? Reinforce your positive, life-changing messages by listening to your recording whenever you like.  Tell yourself—and really believe it this time—that you can have your ideal body.  You CAN and you WILL achieve it. Why “weight”?  Begin your new life today with this self hypnosis weight loss guide for men:



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